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Our engineers will assist you with installation, and show you how to use Varonis’ powerful visualization, analytics and reporting functionality.

Install Varonis on your network and get:

  • A bi-directional view of user and group permissions across Unix, Windows, Sharepoint, Exchange and more
  • Automated recommendations on where you can tighten up access controls, and what-if modeling to check permissions before you hit OK
  • An audit trail of every file and email touch, across every system, without the performance hit of turning on native auditing
  • Visualization and reports on where sensitive data is concentrated and exposed, and who has accesses to things they shouldn’t

What you won't get:

  • Hard Sales Tactics. We’ll help you Install Varonis on your network, get you started, and then let you make your own decisions
  • We’re so confident that you’ll love Varonis that we don’t hard-sell you all day long. Got a question? We’re here to answer!


What can you do in 30 days?


Within Hours of Installation

You can conduct a permissions audit and start collecting access activity and classifying content and/or integrate with existing classification technologies.


Within a Day of Installation

Varonis DatAdvantage will begin to show you which users are accessing the data, and how.


Within 3 Weeks of Installation

Varonis DatAdvantage will make highly reliable recommendations about how to limit access to files and folders to just those users who need it for their jobs.

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